Welcome to the Beta Program
Welcome to the Beta Program for the MCD Voting Tracker

The Beta Program

Access to data from the “MCD Voting Tracker” Dashboard at beta.mcdgov.info is provided for a limited duration as a Beta Program while the production version of the MCD Voting Tracker is being finalized.
It is expected that the Beta Program will run until mid-2021, at which time the Beta Program will be closed down and a production version is expected to be launched.
Updates on the eventual closing of the Beta Program will be shown in the Dashboard.
If you wish you may provide feedback during the Beta Program at any time by emailing [email protected].
You may also be interested in the Beta Program for the “MCD Vaults Tracker” data API, more information about which can be found here: https://api.mcdstate.info/ .

The Dataset and Dashboard - Powered by Token Flow

Detailed documentation on the Dashboard is provided later in this GitBook. Please read the documentation carefully before using it.
As you will see the Dashboard and underlying dataset are “powered by Token Flow”, which is a set of data and analytics tools currently under development.
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During the Beta Program we may give you more information about Token Flow Insights through messages in the Dashboard and you can follow the dedicated twitter account for more news.

How to sign up for Beta Program Access

It is not required to create a login for the Beta Program for the Dashboard.
Any updates on the Beta Program, and its potential end date will be shown in the Dashboard.If you have any questions you can contact us at [email protected].